Standard Equipment AVID Innovation has successfully designed, built and tested many types of machines and equipment. We are proud to offer the best of these successful designs as standard products in the following categories. Click on a Product below to go to the Product Page: Medical Device and Catheter Manufacturing & Test Equipment Burst & Leak Tester Bend & Free Recovery Tester Laser Bonder (CO2) Laser Welder (ND-Yag) Balloon Blower Automated Tip Former Pneumatic Tubing Collet Jacketing & Necking Machine Dipping Machine AutoBonder Automated Hot Box Manual Hot Box Benefits of purchasing standard AVID Innovation equipment include: Flexibility - Option to customize equipment in any way, either before or after purchase and use. Risk Mitigation - Fully designed, built and tested product technology has already been proven in the field. Value - AVID Innovation equipment offers exceptional value when compared to competitive equipment. This is especially evident when the wide variety of customization options are considered. Time Savings - Standard equipment is available with exceptionally fast delivery times. Additional information, photos, and descriptions of typical AVID Innovation products can be found by visiting our Product Gallery. 301 Tesconi Circle, Santa Rosa, CA 707.237.2129     © AVID Innovation, 2011