BFR200 Bend & Free Recovery Tester AVID Innovation’s BFR200 Bend & Free Recovery tester is a compact, fully integrated, user-friendly test system for measuring transformation temperatures of Nitinol-based components and devices. Testing is according to the ASTM F2082 bend and free recovery (BFR) testing standards Featuring an integrated, adjustable temperature hot plate and stirrer, the Nitinol sample is immersed in a temperature-controlled bath. As the sample heats up, position, temperature and time data is generated and recorded. The resulting data can be plotted or exported  for storage or further calculations. The versatile BFR200 can be utilized for process development, device verification, QC process check, device functionality testing, or many other applications. Bend & Free Recovery Tester Data Sheet: 301 Tesconi Circle, Santa Rosa, CA 707.237.2129     © AVID Innovation, 2011