301 Tesconi Circle, Santa Rosa, CA 707.237.2129     © AVID Innovation, 2011 Rapid Load Tester Rapid Load Tester This is a Rapid Load Tester used to dynamically measure and collect data as a construction  pile is being driven into the ground. Force sensors are deployed onto the pile and a vision camera is used to measure displacement each time the pile is struck by the driving force. Data is collected wirelessly via a host PC application. The PC then displays the data in various graph formats as well as recording the data for future use. Industrial Curing Oven This is a curing oven for an industrial manufacturing process. An infeed conveyor is used to load product into the oven. Sensors determine product length, which determines bake and cool times. A multi-axis motion controller is used to control both infeed and outfeed conveyors, and allows for optimized throughput taking into account the varying bake and cool times of randomly loaded, different sized parts. Process controllers precisely heat air which is blown through the oven to cure the parts. A double heat shield protects operators from the elevated temperatures. Product Development This is a commercial product that AVID Innovation designed and built for a small startup company. AVID took the concept sketch and turned it into a fully functioning product ready for general release to the market. Additionally, AVID built the first several small production runs for the customer and then outsourced the production to a qualified local supplier once volumes increased. This project involved PCB design, procurement of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) parts, PCA assembly, final assembly, test and documentation. Full Functional Tester This machine is a fully automatic, full function tester of a thermostat control. The machine simulates human operation of the thermostat buttons and slider controls with pneumatic cylinders. An OCD (optical character recognition) camera verifies the LCD screen output changes according to the button presses. An embedded bed-of-nails circuit board tester can verify correct electrical signals are being sent out to downstream conditioning equipment, and also simulate changing environmental conditions that the thermostat should respond to. Industrial Curing Oven Product Development Full Functional Tester Electrical Parts Tester This machine is a bed-of-nails tester for the medical device industry. Parts are loaded into latched compartments on a tray that is then loaded into a main tester housing. Spring-loaded electrical probes contact the parts and a custom designed and fabricated circuit board routes all the signals to several high-density connectors on the main test unit. Electrical Parts Tester Project Gallery Below is a sample of AVID Innovation’s custom project capabilities. Our projects span a diverse array of industries, technologies and applications. For additional information on our custom project process, please visit our Custom Projects page here. Electrical Panels This panel includes data acquisition components, signal conditioning devices, control transformers, safety relays, fusing, power supplies, AC power, DC power, sensor amplifiers and wire ducting. All of this equipment is neatly laid out and clearly labeled, accompanied by a CAD drawing of the electrical components and their connections. All of this pride in worksmanship and attention to detail makes for a lower cost of ownership when it comes to machine maintenance and longevity years down the road. Electrical Panels